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Knoxville Bounce House Rental

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We deliver bouncers seven days a week — on YOUR schedule. Your safety and security is important to us!
That’s why we make sure that:
•Our delivery and setup eliminates hassle for you.
•All of our units meet the ATSM rental industry standards.
•Child-safe entrances and are securely anchored at setup.
•Equipment always cleaned, sanitized and maintained properly.
•We carry FULL LIABILITY INSURANCE on each and every unit (you won’t find that at most party rental companies).



1. Adult supervision is required whenever children are playing in or around the bouncer or slide.
2. Children jumping together should be of similar age and size.
3. Do not allow children to play or walk in sand prior to entering the bouncer. Sand is abrasive to bouncers and little eyes. 4. Jump in the middle of bouncer. Do not pull on or try to climb netting in windows or jump into the pillars.
5. Remove shoes, jewelry, glasses, sharp objects before jumping. Toys are not allowed in the bouncer. Bouncers & Combos: (Combo’s only 1 sliding at a time!) Small Children: 5-7; Medium Children: 4-6; Teens: 3-4 Slides: (All riders must exit after sliding and return to climb) 1 climbing – 1 sliding Obstacle Course and Interactive: (Participants must wait to start until others exit.)
6. Absolutely no flips, wrestling, pushing, or other aggressive behavior that could injure other children.
7. Children should not sit or lie down while other children are bouncing. A jumping child could easily jump on or fall down on top of another child, resulting in injury.
8. Pets are not allowed in or near the bouncer.
9. Food, drinks, gum, candy and silly string are not allowed in or near bouncers. If food, drink, or other materials are spilled in or on the bouncer, you will be charged an additional fee.
10. Bouncers should not be used during strong winds, thunderstorms or other severe weather.
11. Keep children away from blower, power cords and outlets. If bouncer loses power, all children should exit bouncer immediately until power can be restored.
12. If you rent a bouncer to be used “wet”, please be aware that the bouncer must be allowed time to drain and dry prior to pickup. Water flow must be shut off at least two hours prior to scheduled pickup time. (Children can still use the bouncer after the water is turned off.) If bouncer is not drained by time of pickup, additional charges may be incurred.
13. For the safety of all users, the door flap of the bouncer is held inplace by an elastic band. This is so that no one can accidentally be ejected from the bouncer. Do not disassemble this safety device.
14. The operator must make sure kids slide down the slide on their bottom (no jumping down from the top of the slide; or face first sliding) NO JUMPING ON THE TOP OF THE SLIDE!!!

Installation: Do not remove the inflatable from the area where it was installed. If the inflatable unit moves, pull it by one of its corners back to its original location of installation. Keep the inflatable unit away from swimming pools or lakes at all times.